The Beauty of Bravissimo!

When I found Bravissimo a few years ago my whole life changed!

This company introduced me to a world where bras fitted and looked amazing too. And you will never guess what! They sell clothing too,  accommodating for the desperately needed boob room. No more buttons pulling!

There are so many things I love about Bravissimo: the variety, the colours and patterns, and the amazing staff in the store. As you can imagine, a young teenage girl, who was pretty self-conscious, walking into a bra fitting is going to have a nerve-wracking experience. Think again. The women in the store were so understanding, respectful, and great at their jobs, allowing 2013 me to walk out with – not only a perfect new bra – but a new found confidence.  But enough about me, let us talk about bras…

The Bras

Bravissimo has many different styles that fit each person differently, from the balconette to the mastectomy bra and there are many different brands such as Curvy Kate or Freya, therefore there are loads of combinations to find your ideal fit. All the designs are beautiful so you aren’t stuck with the typical white, black and nude that other shops offer once you hit a D cup. My favourite at the moment is the Fantasie Mya bra Bravissimoas it gives a great shape working really well as a t-shirt bra but it still has a lovely design so you don’t feel too plain.

I understand that these bras are more expensive than the less fortunate small boobed but they are well worth the extra dosh. These bras last longer and fit far better than I have ever found before. However good quality needs good care: hand wash the bras and let them air dry to prevent wear!

The Swimwear

Oh my gosh, this was a huge blessing! Imagine a world where you can dive into a pool and have no need to readjust. Yes, you heard it – swimwear that looks great and STILL SUPPORTS! (I hope you can see how excited this makes me.) I mean they even offer sports swimming swimsuit bravissimocostumes, I swear with Bravissimo you can do everything and with your boobs supported! One swimming costume I love is the Seville Swimsuit as it is simple but stylish with the sheer elements added. Also, it is designed to keep your tummy tucked and it is in black to slim you down.

Not only do Bravissimo offer swimwear they also have a few extra holiday items to browse, including the new lilo (trust me you are going to want this!)

The Clothes

Now, this stuff has saved me on multiple occasions. Blouses with extra boob room, dresses that actually zip up smoothly – it truly is heaven. Each normal size comes in three variations curvy, really curvy and super curvy, this means that if a size fits but your chest is too big you don’t need to go up a size at all. This is SO handy and allows you to keep the figure flattering shape instead of getting a size 16 to fit the girls in.

So if you are someone that struggles with bras, clothes and swimwear it is worth checking out the Bravissimo website.

Good luck and share this with your busty friends!

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