Red Queen Series: Book Review

Red Queen Series By Victoria Aveyard

This fantasy-adventure includes all that you could want in a great story: a complex protagonist, and unlikely antagonist, weaponised powers, secret plots, organisations and ‘love’. This book is a gripping page-turner filled with intriguing story arcs, twists and cliff-hangers – you won’t be able to put it down!

The Series Includes:

Cruel Crown (prequel)

Red Queen

Glass sword

King’s cage

War storm

The books follow Mare Barrow, in a world where those with silver blood have incredible powers and are apart of the aristocracy; whereas those who are red-blooded are suffering in poverty, without powers to protect themselves. The country has been at war for years with young red-blooded men being sent to die, while silvers indulge in their lavish lifestyles, taking part in banquets and competitions for the hand of the heir to the Kingdom of Norta, Cal. No wonder the rebellious Scarlet Guard arise to fight for equality.

As Mare finds out her best friend is about to be conscripted she plans to steal from a fortunate Silver, however things begin to go terribly wrong. After misfortune strikes the Barrow family once more, Mare turns to mindless theft and in a strange course of events, finds herself with a new job at the King’s residence. It is here, during Queenstrial, the competition for Cal’s hand, that Mare displays unseen power that she was completely unaware of. With powers that threaten the absolutism of the Silvers, Mare is forced to play apart in an elaborate cover up.

As feelings develop and the rebellion brews outside the walls, Mare becomes conflicted between who and what is right for the country and for her. With love, betrayal and incomparable power, will Mare Barrow chose her Silver power, or her Red blood, or both?

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Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children: Book Review

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs

child levitating stiffly over a dirt path

This series is a spectacular mix of fantasy, mystery and adventure. Providing hope to children that they too could be peculiar in a world of fantastical wonders, this book must be on the must-read list. Riggs created this wondrous novel around a set of strange old photographs that he had collected and pieced together, much like the protagonist of this story, in order to discover something fascinating.

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The story follows Jacob Portman, an American boy, who was once intrigued by his grandfather’s unbelievable tales of peculiars and man-eating monsters. After beginning to doubt his grandfather as he has grown older Jacob can barely believe what he witnesses one night. Jacob discovers his grandfather attacked in the woods and something unearthly catches his eye. His grandfather’s last words lead Jacob to Wales to uncover the inexplicable and meet the some strange – or peculiar – people.

As all begins to make sense in the most bizarre ways Jacob discovers more about his grandfather, reality and himself. In this book, the meanings of power, loyalty and time travel are redefined as this story explores a world that could quite possibly exist but may be undiscovered.

Read this book series if you want to read about adventure, impossibilities, time travel and indulge your wonder.

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Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls: Book Review

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

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Two best friends – June and Delia – are the type that of friends that share everything and know everything about each other: no exceptions. One defining moment leads to the friendship falling to pieces in seconds and neither speaks to the other for a year. After all this time it is found that Delia has committed suicide and June is in complete shock. How could she not have noticed the signs? Maybe because there weren’t any… June begins to investigate her ex-best friend’s suicide as she cannot comprehend how it happened. As inconsistencies begin to reveal themselves June wonders: what if Delia didn’t commit suicide but was murdered?

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This book is filled with mystery, love and conflict, detailing the extents a friend would go to for another. With twists and turns throughout this book, it is impossible to put down and the moment you believe everything might be solved another shocking detail is uncovered.

This gripping story has an underlying truth that Weingarten addresses extraordinarily well on the topic of suicide. The gut-wrenching reality is portrayed through various characters clearly, with their pain and confusion expressed alongside. The author does not solely focus on the victim or those left behind when addressing this issue but represents all their rational, and irrational, feelings and thoughts that occur in reality.

Read this book to gain perspective, compassion and a thirst for the truth when all seems lost. Upon first impression, this book may appear to be something it is not. However, this story is, in fact, one of confusion, mystery and possible murder.

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My Swordhand is Singing: Book Review

My Swordhand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick

Have you ever craved a book with a murder mystery and the undead that doesn’t involve the embarrassment of Edward Cullen or the dramatics of Count Dracula? Well, My Swordhand is Singing by Marcus Sedgwick is just that. Thankfully it is a tale told as a thriller rather than a love story, with vampire traits that have historical foundation and believability.

Sedgwick’s novel is inspired by Eastern European folklore and incorporates these details faultlessly throughout the book. With inspiration from vampire folklore, there is an increased sense of truth as these were tales that real people believed, rather than ideas that are exaggerated to the point of comedic disappointment.

This story follows a boy named Peter, in the 17th century, who works as a woodcutter with his father, living in the forest. In the harshness and chill of winter, things begin to take a darkening turn as the dead rise, villagers disappear and Peter’s father Tomas continues to surround himself with secrets. As impossibilities become possible and secrets reveal themselves the question of true good and evil is asked: can good really conquer evil?

A tale that draws you in and chills your heart as you sit on the edge of suspense, is a tale worth losing yourself in. My Swordhand is Singing is a spectacular thriller and a definite must-read for those wanting more than underdeveloped vampire plots.

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The Night Circus: Book Review

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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This book is one where reality and fantasy merge in a magical and fantastical way. Throughout The Night Circus you will be drawn into a world of mystery and passion through unusual second person perspectives and gripping moments of action. You will be transported into a different time with a magically appearing Circus although unlike others it is void of colour, filled with mysteries and the occasional flash of red cloth.

What would you say if you found out that some magicians really had magic. Well in The Night Circus they do. A rivalry of friends gives way to a competition unlike one you have heard of before. Bounded to fatal competition Celia (daughter of Prospero the Great) and Marco (an orphan assistant to Mr A-H) must compete as there mentors’ proxies. The arena: Le Cirque des Rêves. The supporters: rêveurs. This Circus travels without warning and remains in only black and white with a dream-like element beyond that which is apparent in any other circus tent.

The illusionist Celia and the producer’s assistant Marco begin a battle of wonders and incite awe amongst the circus goers. With an exchange of fantastical powers there comes immense passion that cannot be disguised. But what will happen when the inevitable end of the competition is the dead of a competitor? Soon enough chaos begins to break out within the circus as the laws of the rivalry are not being followed. How will the circus be saved? How will the lovers survive?

Read The Night Circus to explore the incredible, ethereal tale of two people who could not choose their fate but will find something they never would have found otherwise.

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