Conversations with Friends: Book Review

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

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This book is a fantastic and eye-opening take on modern relationships. It explored the complex realities and difficulties that come with the workings of society and relationships in the modern era. What is so intriguing about this book is that you do not, necessarily, rout for the protagonist but see the world from her eyes. As the story progresses you may find yourself developing some of Frances’s opinions or recognising some of yourself in her.

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Rooney creates an environment of aesthetics as she lingers on certain details, colours or movements. Although the novel possesses a sardonic humour and tone, and fatal realism, it is indulgent in experiences. Both the writer and the characters appear to be experience-driven, acting on impulse and emotion to lead them towards their next action.

The story is narrated by Frances, a student in Dublin who performs poetry with her best friend, and ex-girlfriend, Bobbi. The pair meet Melissa and her husband Nick, forming strange, intimate and conflicting relations. The girls enter a new world of lavish lifestyles and intricate people. Single acts begin to form cracks in relationships and with drastic consequences at each turn, this book will draw you in deeper. This book is far from the stereotypical novels with a two-dimensional female protagonist as it depicts the depth, conflict and richness in a modern female character that we have all been longing for.

When the unexpected happens you will find yourself unable to put the book down, continuing to turn the page. This incredibly engaging novel may conflict socially excepted thought at times but you may even find yourself deeply considering the processes behind it and contemplating what you would have never considered before.

A book you may not expect but certainly one you need. Conversations with Friends is a modern masterpiece of daily life: the pain, the love and the conflicts with yourself and others.

Suicide Notes from Beautiful Girls: Book Review

Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls by Lynn Weingarten

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Two best friends – June and Delia – are the type that of friends that share everything and know everything about each other: no exceptions. One defining moment leads to the friendship falling to pieces in seconds and neither speaks to the other for a year. After all this time it is found that Delia has committed suicide and June is in complete shock. How could she not have noticed the signs? Maybe because there weren’t any… June begins to investigate her ex-best friend’s suicide as she cannot comprehend how it happened. As inconsistencies begin to reveal themselves June wonders: what if Delia didn’t commit suicide but was murdered?

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This book is filled with mystery, love and conflict, detailing the extents a friend would go to for another. With twists and turns throughout this book, it is impossible to put down and the moment you believe everything might be solved another shocking detail is uncovered.

This gripping story has an underlying truth that Weingarten addresses extraordinarily well on the topic of suicide. The gut-wrenching reality is portrayed through various characters clearly, with their pain and confusion expressed alongside. The author does not solely focus on the victim or those left behind when addressing this issue but represents all their rational, and irrational, feelings and thoughts that occur in reality.

Read this book to gain perspective, compassion and a thirst for the truth when all seems lost. Upon first impression, this book may appear to be something it is not. However, this story is, in fact, one of confusion, mystery and possible murder.

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