Tujunga: Book Review

Tujunga by Carlos Alvarado

Tujunga by Carlos Alvarado is a romantic, Sci-Fi novel that intertwines government conspiracy with romantic tragedy. This novel is constantly surprising and enticing you as its completely original concept and complex characters create a beautifully clever story. You’ll follow two timelines that intricately weave between one another despite being 30 years apart right unlit the last page. You’ll find yourself gripped by the words on the page, unable to put this book down, and in awe of Alvarado’s artistry.

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Conversations with Friends: Book Review

Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney

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This book is a fantastic and eye-opening take on modern relationships. It explored the complex realities and difficulties that come with the workings of society and relationships in the modern era. What is so intriguing about this book is that you do not, necessarily, rout for the protagonist but see the world from her eyes. As the story progresses you may find yourself developing some of Frances’s opinions or recognising some of yourself in her.

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Rooney creates an environment of aesthetics as she lingers on certain details, colours or movements. Although the novel possesses a sardonic humour and tone, and fatal realism, it is indulgent in experiences. Both the writer and the characters appear to be experience-driven, acting on impulse and emotion to lead them towards their next action.

The story is narrated by Frances, a student in Dublin who performs poetry with her best friend, and ex-girlfriend, Bobbi. The pair meet Melissa and her husband Nick, forming strange, intimate and conflicting relations. The girls enter a new world of lavish lifestyles and intricate people. Single acts begin to form cracks in relationships and with drastic consequences at each turn, this book will draw you in deeper. This book is far from the stereotypical novels with a two-dimensional female protagonist as it depicts the depth, conflict and richness in a modern female character that we have all been longing for.

When the unexpected happens you will find yourself unable to put the book down, continuing to turn the page. This incredibly engaging novel may conflict socially excepted thought at times but you may even find yourself deeply considering the processes behind it and contemplating what you would have never considered before.

A book you may not expect but certainly one you need. Conversations with Friends is a modern masterpiece of daily life: the pain, the love and the conflicts with yourself and others.

The Light Between Oceans: Book Review

The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

This novel details a beautiful and gripping story of love, life and the destruction of deception. Stedman’s novel encompasses all the elements of an intricately crafted novel as a captivating love story faces severe, heart-wrenching events before being given a supposed ‘gift from God’. As the boundaries between oceans are unclear, so are the lines between right and wrong in this story: what is right for one person, with the best intentions, may be the complete opposite for another.

A man returning from the frontline after the First World War, Tom Sherbourne, wants to spend some time away from the rest of the world and indulge solitude, so he becomes the lighthouse keeper at Janus Rock, a small Island off of Australia. Before Tom departs the mainland, he encounters Isabel – a girl unlike any other. While Tom is away on the island, the two begin a correspondence and eventually marry, moving Isabel to the island. Here, the couple lives happily, but misfortune follows when Isabel suffers a series of miscarriages. As Isabel starts to fall to darkness, a light shines in the form of a dingy that washes up on the shore.

Tom and Isabel are presented with an opportunity that, if taken, could provide a vast amount of joy, but possible agony elsewhere. At this moment a single choice could determine the outcome of three lives, yet when morality is subjective, how can Tom determine if his actions do more harm than good?

What is amazing about this book is that it explores the power of the conscience and the concepts of morality. You will find yourself asking: what would I have done? Could I live with myself? Is immorality moralised by love? This is a novel that gets in your heart and your head, providing you with a perspective that will never leave you; truly a book that you will carry within you forever.

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The Winter Ghosts: Book Review.

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

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The Winter Ghosts is a surreal novel based on the short story The Cave written by Kate Mosse earlier in the same year. The Winter Ghosts explores French medieval history and myths of landscape in Southwestern France. The protagonist Freddie Watson, grieving the loss of his brother to the First World War and recovering from influenza, decides to escape to Ariège. In the Occitanie region of France where the last Cathars were destroyed in mass execution, Mosse creates the perfect environment of mystery, eerie landscape and history. It is here that a blizzard sends Freddie off the road and leave him wandering through the woods; the elements against him.

Lost in the wilderness, Freddie eventually discovers a peculiar village that seems behind in time where he finds a boarding house to stay in. Upon arriving in the village he is told of an annual feast. It is at this feast that Freddie meets the enchanting Fabrissa with whom he talks of love, pain and the consequences of war all evening. And what is Freddie to do when she disappears?

The persecution of Catharism by the Catholic Church is key to this tale as the village in which Freddie stays in is said to have been destroyed along with the Cathar faith 700 years before his arrival in 1928. As the story progresses, you will ask yourself what is really going on in this small village. There is something just not quite right…

Who are these people in this strange town? What kind of village is this? Where did Fabrissa disappear to and will Freddie find her again? Reading The Winter Ghosts is an absolute must to experience a world of love, emotion and mystery uncovered. You can read it here, definitely worth a buy.

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The Night Circus: Book Review

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

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This book is one where reality and fantasy merge in a magical and fantastical way. Throughout The Night Circus you will be drawn into a world of mystery and passion through unusual second person perspectives and gripping moments of action. You will be transported into a different time with a magically appearing Circus although unlike others it is void of colour, filled with mysteries and the occasional flash of red cloth.

What would you say if you found out that some magicians really had magic. Well in The Night Circus they do. A rivalry of friends gives way to a competition unlike one you have heard of before. Bounded to fatal competition Celia (daughter of Prospero the Great) and Marco (an orphan assistant to Mr A-H) must compete as there mentors’ proxies. The arena: Le Cirque des Rêves. The supporters: rêveurs. This Circus travels without warning and remains in only black and white with a dream-like element beyond that which is apparent in any other circus tent.

The illusionist Celia and the producer’s assistant Marco begin a battle of wonders and incite awe amongst the circus goers. With an exchange of fantastical powers there comes immense passion that cannot be disguised. But what will happen when the inevitable end of the competition is the dead of a competitor? Soon enough chaos begins to break out within the circus as the laws of the rivalry are not being followed. How will the circus be saved? How will the lovers survive?

Read The Night Circus to explore the incredible, ethereal tale of two people who could not choose their fate but will find something they never would have found otherwise.

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