Red Queen Series: Book Review

Red Queen Series By Victoria Aveyard

This fantasy-adventure includes all that you could want in a great story: a complex protagonist, and unlikely antagonist, weaponised powers, secret plots, organisations and ‘love’. This book is a gripping page-turner filled with intriguing story arcs, twists and cliff-hangers – you won’t be able to put it down!

The Series Includes:

Cruel Crown (prequel)

Red Queen

Glass sword

King’s cage

War storm

The books follow Mare Barrow, in a world where those with silver blood have incredible powers and are apart of the aristocracy; whereas those who are red-blooded are suffering in poverty, without powers to protect themselves. The country has been at war for years with young red-blooded men being sent to die, while silvers indulge in their lavish lifestyles, taking part in banquets and competitions for the hand of the heir to the Kingdom of Norta, Cal. No wonder the rebellious Scarlet Guard arise to fight for equality.

As Mare finds out her best friend is about to be conscripted she plans to steal from a fortunate Silver, however things begin to go terribly wrong. After misfortune strikes the Barrow family once more, Mare turns to mindless theft and in a strange course of events, finds herself with a new job at the King’s residence. It is here, during Queenstrial, the competition for Cal’s hand, that Mare displays unseen power that she was completely unaware of. With powers that threaten the absolutism of the Silvers, Mare is forced to play apart in an elaborate cover up.

As feelings develop and the rebellion brews outside the walls, Mare becomes conflicted between who and what is right for the country and for her. With love, betrayal and incomparable power, will Mare Barrow chose her Silver power, or her Red blood, or both?

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The Light Between Oceans: Book Review

The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

This novel details a beautiful and gripping story of love, life and the destruction of deception. Stedman’s novel encompasses all the elements of an intricately crafted novel as a captivating love story faces severe, heart-wrenching events before being given a supposed ‘gift from God’. As the boundaries between oceans are unclear, so are the lines between right and wrong in this story: what is right for one person, with the best intentions, may be the complete opposite for another.

A man returning from the frontline after the First World War, Tom Sherbourne, wants to spend some time away from the rest of the world and indulge solitude, so he becomes the lighthouse keeper at Janus Rock, a small Island off of Australia. Before Tom departs the mainland, he encounters Isabel – a girl unlike any other. While Tom is away on the island, the two begin a correspondence and eventually marry, moving Isabel to the island. Here, the couple lives happily, but misfortune follows when Isabel suffers a series of miscarriages. As Isabel starts to fall to darkness, a light shines in the form of a dingy that washes up on the shore.

Tom and Isabel are presented with an opportunity that, if taken, could provide a vast amount of joy, but possible agony elsewhere. At this moment a single choice could determine the outcome of three lives, yet when morality is subjective, how can Tom determine if his actions do more harm than good?

What is amazing about this book is that it explores the power of the conscience and the concepts of morality. You will find yourself asking: what would I have done? Could I live with myself? Is immorality moralised by love? This is a novel that gets in your heart and your head, providing you with a perspective that will never leave you; truly a book that you will carry within you forever.

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