The Winter Ghosts: Book Review.

The Winter Ghosts by Kate Mosse

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The Winter Ghosts is a surreal novel based on the short story The Cave written by Kate Mosse earlier in the same year. The Winter Ghosts explores French medieval history and myths of landscape in Southwestern France. The protagonist Freddie Watson, grieving the loss of his brother to the First World War and recovering from influenza, decides to escape to Ari├Ęge. In the Occitanie region of France where the last Cathars were destroyed in mass execution, Mosse creates the perfect environment of mystery, eerie landscape and history. It is here that a blizzard sends Freddie off the road and leave him wandering through the woods; the elements against him.

Lost in the wilderness, Freddie eventually discovers a peculiar village that seems behind in time where he finds a boarding house to stay in. Upon arriving in the village he is told of an annual feast. It is at this feast that Freddie meets the enchanting Fabrissa with whom he talks of love, pain and the consequences of war all evening. And what is Freddie to do when she disappears?

The persecution of Catharism by the Catholic Church is key to this tale as the village in which Freddie stays in is said to have been destroyed along with the Cathar faith 700 years before his arrival in 1928. As the story progresses, you will ask yourself what is really going on in this small village. There is something just not quite right…

Who are these people in this strange town? What kind of village is this? Where did Fabrissa disappear to and will Freddie find her again? Reading The Winter Ghosts is an absolute must to experience a world of love, emotion and mystery uncovered. You can read it here, definitely worth a buy.

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